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     Letter From the Chairman 
    Founded in 1986, White Horse Group has a number of successful companies and is recognised as one of the largest and most successful advertising and media companies in China. Operating in 27 major cities of the nation, White Horse Outdoors Media, an international joint venture, generates over 1.6 billion RMB in revenue annually. White Horse owns several large scale properties in both China and overseas. Together with the real estate, the Group has invested in the Golf TV Channel, TV Shopping Channel and Network Company.
    In recent years, White Horse has diversified by investing in the local real estate market with residential, resort and golf course developments and at the same time set up a Resources company for off shore investment in mining, resort and residential projects.
    We look forward to building our new relationship and assisting in the growth of your business. 




  • V Club

    China’s demand for quality overseas products continues to grow. However, for many international companies the sheer size of the country and the cost and complexity of marketing is daunting.
    To assist companies successfully enter the market White Horse will provide access through the V Club - in effect a consumers’ club for high quality product.
    Operating since 2007, our Guangdong Shopping Channel and online shop has sold over 500 different products, mainly imported food and consumer goods, achieved billions in sales, and through our V Club, accumulated over 200 thousand regular medium level and high end customers.
    Supporting this effort is our Purchasing, Customer Service and Logistics Centre.
    We have now begun promoting our V Club nationwide through White Horse Outdoor Advertising, our Golf Channel and mobile media. We are confident that this campaign will grow V Club membership into the many millions.
    From experience, we know that V Club appeals to members who are sensitive to quality but not to price. 

    In attracting new product, we will continue to concentrate on quality.


  • Global V Store

    Global V Store is an online business platform with high quality products imported from around the world. Overseas products of high quality could enter Chinese market easily by this platform. Global V Store provides products and service to middle and high end consumers.
    Our import platform provides a whole set of services regarding to products import.
    Our sales platform(v.com.cn)has been operating for 7 years, highly developed. With covering Guangzhou market from the first beginning, we will launch it nationwide in mainland, China from November 2014, carrying out sales, delivery, payment and after-sales services.
    Using White Horse outdoor media, golf channel and shopping channel will bring a lot of page views and brand reputation;
    V Club has gathered a middle and high income group. We will take the V Club activity platform to carry out products promotion activities.
    White Horse the View is our mobile media with more than 200,000 readers. This media is the right platform to tell stories. The majority of its subscribers are elites who are interested in global economy, politics and military affairs and strive for quality of life.
    We have an excellent team for brand management, providing professional development and management services for each brand.

    It is very complicated and costly to develop traditional sales channels in China, which hinders and stops a lot of overseas middle and small brands. Our management team will develop traditional sales channel with costs strictly under control.


  • White Horse Advertising

    Established in Guangzhou 1986, White Horse Advertising grew over the next decade to become China’s leading privately owned advertising company.

    White Horse has served over 300 Chinese and international clients with more than 500 commercials, and successfully created brand Chinese legends including Apollo, Hongta Group, Jianlibao.


  • White Horse Outdoor

    White Horse began building a nationwide bus shelter advertising network in 1995. In 1998, the Group formed a joint venture with Clear Channel Outdoor, the largest outdoor advertising company in the world. We now own more than 32 thousand of bus shelter light boxes across 27 major cities in China, White Horse Outdoor was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange main board, and has become the largest outdoor advertising company in China.


  • Shopping Channel

    In 2006, White Horse Group invested in a cable television Shopping Channel in Guangdong, China’s most wealthy province. The TV channel currently covers a number of major cities including Guangzhou, Huizhou, Dongguan. Our its purchasing center, screening center, call center and logistics center serves clients 24/7.


  • Golf TV Channel

    In 2005, White Horse Group invested in the Golf Channel, the only nationwide professional golf TV channel that covers all cities of China. The Golf Channel has exclusive broadcasting rights of the PGA tours,the PGA European tours,and the LPGA tours in the country.


  • The View (Mobile Media)

    White Horse the View is our mobile media with more than 200,000 readers. This media is the right platform to tell stories. The majority of its subscribers are elites that are interested in global economy, politics and military affairs and strive for quality of life. 


  • White Horse Real Estates

    White Horse has investments in three large scale real estate projects in Hainan, Haikou, Simapo, Swan Bay and Wenchang Golf Town Projects, including residences of over 300 thousand sq.m., 3 five-star hotels and 4 golf courses.

  • Lindeman Island in Australia

    2012, White Horse Group purchased Lindeman Island, a world renowned resort on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and is working to turn this into one of the world’s great luxury holiday resorts.


  • Real Estates in Australia

    White Horse has also invested in real estate projects on Australia’s popular Gold Coast.


  • White Horse Resource

    In 2011, White Horse Group invested in Padbury Mining, a prospective iron ore miner in Western Australia.


  • Global V Alliance

    Established and run by experienced White Horse Directors and staff. The Global V Alliance provides a forum for business cooperation between entrepreneurs from China and overseas as a non-profit organization. 
    Global V Alliance will: i) organize regular overseas trade tours for Chinese business people; ii) help successful Chinese businesses find suitable foreign investment projects; iii) source and facilitate the entry of quality international products for China market; iv) Provide high quality overseas healthcare services for interested Chinese.
    Through our strong business connections in China and overseas we know many successful Chinese entrepreneurs who are hungry for overseas investment and also many overseas businesses keen to market and sell their products and services into China.  Both groups need expert advice and support. 

  • Business Line of Global V Alliance

    1、Organize mutual visits of home and broad members

    2、The View mobile media

    3、Organize trade tours

    4、Assist in migration and entrepreneurship

    5、Overseas investment

    6、Promote cooperation between enterprises at home and broad

    7、Agent high quality products from overseas


    Customized Travel & Trade Tour

    We welcome you to join our trade tours to Australia, New Zealand and Europe.